15 July 2008

Asshole Customer of the Day

I really don't intend for this to become a daily feature, but the occasional bitching about the treatment that comes with working in customer service helps me keep my sanity. Right, then:


[I had just gotten together a large and work-intensive order for a customer: measuring out 100m of heavy 11mm rope by hand, and simplified the process somewhat by measuring out a quarter of the length, and then doubling the rope back over itself a few times--hardly rocket science.]

Asshole: "Wow, that was pretty clever. I guess that stereotype about blondes isn't true after all."

Lankydancer: "No. No it's not."

[customer quickly thanks me and walks off after taking a good look at my tits.]


It's been a hell of a long time since I've met somebody who still thought "dumb blonde" jokes were funny. Or appropriate. I must have found the last one left in this city. Lucky, lucky, me.

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observer said...

Someone in my office emailed me a series of blonde jokes the other day. I debated with pointing out that they could be considered offensive for a while before just deleting them. Very annoying.