15 August 2008

Shit, shit, SHIT


I get that the home country is paranoid as fuck about the Russians getting land-grabby again, considering their behaviour in the past century alone, and I get that the U.S. is the symbol of everything that is wonderful about the West mostly because, well, it ain't Russia, but setting yourself up to get bombed out of existence by a nation that hasn't been afraid of stomping all over you in the past has bad idea written all over it. In neon.

From the International Herald Tribune:

At a news conference Friday, a senior Russian defense official, Colonel General Anatoli Nogovitsyn, suggested that Poland was making itself a target by agreeing to serve as host for the antimissile system. Such an action "cannot go unpunished," he said.

Shit. I fear for my country and my family. Even if these are just empty threats to get the Poles to back down, the situation is bad fucking news.

So much for regained sanity.

ETA: I know, I know: Russia actually bombing Poland into oblivion and/or invading isn't really going to happen. Especially now that we're in the EU. I've simmered down a bit and am no longer panicking about our imminent destruction.

But here's the thing: the situation stinks. It stinks because it's stupid posturing that just aggravates existing political tensions. It stinks because bad relations with Russia will have a political and economic impact on Poland. Mostly, it stinks because nothing will happen to the States. And they know that. Because what they've done is exploited Poland's bad history with Russia and our fear of Russian expansionism and used it to set us up as their cannon fodder.

I hate feeling that my people are being exploited again, that we are being treated as disposable again, and that this is further proof that, so long as it stays profitable, the western powers will continue to throw us under the bus whenever they feel like it.

I'm tired of our being used, and that's what this is about for me.

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