21 February 2009

And by back to blogging, I apparently meant...

...on hiatus.

I'm really not feeling the blogging. I started doing this anonymously because I wanted to be able to put more of myself out there without feeling exposed, and instead I think I just shut down my creativity and drive to write. I got too mired in how many details to put in, how to word things, how to write a goddamn coming out story without making it too personal and revealing too much of myself (note that the story never got written). So I backed away, and avoided, and lost the drive to write.

I'd like to come back, and I think I'd like to do it as my real-life self. I'd like to do it here. Right now, though, I've lost the drive and I'm just going to acknowledge that I'm taking an indefinite break, rather than making myself feel guilty for not having posted in a while.

So, goodbye for now, and thanks to everyone who's read or commented (especially you, belledame).

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