09 April 2009

Hiatus, shmiatus.

I'm back.

I realized after a few weeks of being offline (in the writing way, I've been reading like mad), that it's actually quite important for me to have a space for non-academic writing. I absolutely suck at commenting on others' blogs, on account of my inability to pull myself the fuck together and participate in a discussion with new people unless I'm completely positive that what I have to say is brilliant and oh-so-very worthwhile. Most of the time, that leaves me feeling inadequate and frustrated, because I don't have a space to get out my own thoughts on subjects that are important to me.

Except that I do. It's here, it's mine, and I have the power to make it into a safe space to get my thoughts down, without feeling like I'm interrupting a perfectly good conversation to say something potentially inane, or repetitive. So I'm back, and I'll be staying and likely posting in my usual fits and starts, because I need to be here--and that's really all there is to it.

Also: redesign=yay!

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